Hello, Isha…

Two days ago I was walking through Steamboat, absorbing the sounds and especially the colors of the moment and feeling my soul expand in the beauty of the day and I glanced at one of your pieces in the window of Silver Lining, owned by Larry and Tara. I immediately felt drawn to a bracelet that seemed to have the essence of what I was feeling that moment… it is now on my wrist as I am writing to you!…

How wonderful that you have woven so many good thoughts,prayers and songs into my piece..it is clearly a “celebration of life”..

I am a painter and live by emotions…

From my place in the world to yours..

Cristina D. Miami, FL


Hi Isha,

First off, I must thank you for making such beautiful jewelry.

I own the “03-aquamarine” necklace. My husband purchased it for me as an anniversary present. My husband, myself, and my triplet daughters were on vacation in Lake Tahoe. I had a few moments to myself, and wandered into a jewelry store. In one display case were several of your necklaces. I admired the beautiful artwork, originality, and colors. I love colors. I tried the aquamarine one on last because it was displayed most prominently and was so beautiful that I did not think I could do it justice.

After trying on the other necklaces, I had to try on my favorite, the aquamarine. I put the necklace on, and heard gasps all around me. I looked in the mirror, and saw myself transformed into a princess. I know it sounds silly, since I am an adult, but I swear I felt like one of the characters in a magical book I read as a child. I tried on the necklace and was transformed! I felt beautiful. People came up to me and told me how amazing the necklace looked on me. The store owners said the necklace was made for me. She said others had tried it on, but it did not look like this. She said the necklace came alive for me.

I told her I had to talk to my husband about it. If the necklace was still there when I came back, then it was truly meant to be.

When I came back with my husband the necklace was gone!

The owner saw me and told me to wait a minute. She had put the necklace in the safe to hold it for me because she knew that the necklace should belong to me. She didn’t want any one else to purchase it! She was aware of the magic, too. When my husband saw the necklace on me, he bought it for me as an anniversary present. The aquamarine stones are his and my triplet daughters’ birthstones.

I always receive compliments when I wear the necklace. You do such beautiful work. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you someday too.


Brenda K.


Hello Isha.

I recently went to Utah on a hiking/camping/renewing mid-life nomadic journey of my own. (It was wonderful.)

Anyhow, I discovered a store tucked in the lower level of one of the buildings on the main street in Springdale and as I was poking around in there I saw a display of your necklaces. One in particular called me LOUDLY so of course I had to try it on. I was immediately transformed from a dusty, dirty hiker chick to a goddess of nature who could shoot lightning bolts from her fingertips if she wanted to. I couldn’t let it go so it came home to Connecticut with me where I look at it every day and feel that surge. You certainly have a gift and I just wanted to let you know that I recognize your creations are much more than just jewelry. Thank you so much for the beautiful work, the vision and the incredible ENERGY of your pieces.  And by the way, Deidre (of Crystals and Creatures) told me that the stones in the necklace are rutilated quartz.

Thanks again.



Aloha Isha,

A few years ago I bought my first necklace (the one above your card with the god’s face as the centerpiece) in Kauai, HI. When boarding my homeward flight the flight attendant kiddingly said she would upgrade me to first class for the neckless. Ha! When I disembarked in LA a woman behind me said “So you’re the one who bought that necklace.” I have continued to receive compliments whenever I bought it

That shop closed and then I found another shop, Life’s Treasures Hawaii, also in Kauai, took up the cause. I understand the owner knows you so she and the salespeople are well versed and the making, familiarity with the gems used, wearing and cleaning (although I haven’t had to do that yet) of your art pieces. In the ensuing years I bought five more necklaces.

My second favorite is the last one I bought, the red macrame with turquoise stones. With turquoise clothing this necklace really pops.

I think I am the canvas for your work.

In the years I have been wearing your art I have been stopped in the street, at shows, in lobbies and on transportation where people complimented your art. My friends never fail to compliment me again and again when I’m wearing one of your art pieces.

I was impressed with the volume of your work that is featured in Life’s Treasures. After checking your website I have found a store in New Hope, PA, which isn’t too far from me, that carries some of your artwork. I’ll be sure to “check it out.” Hopefully, when I’m not in Kauai I will still be able to view and buy your work.

A fan of your work,

Judith V.


Hi Isha,

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoy helping your beautiful pieces of art find the perfect home. I have worked at The Gold Store in South Lake Tahoe, for a little over 2 years, and I am amazed at how much I love your works of art. There is a certain spirit about your pieces that people feel when they put a piece on their body. It is so much fun to watch people light up when they try one on. I get so excited when we get a new shipment in, if I am off, I come into the store to look at them. I own 2 now and I am anxiously waiting for your next group to come in. Natasha, Julie and I usually have a blast going through the new pieces. I am so blessed to have such a fun job, and I love your work. Thank you so much for your gifts.

I wish you would come visit the store, I’d love to meet you!

Thanks again,

Debby B.

PS.PLEASE make a tassel style in garnet and citrine! Please, please, please!