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  • Welcome to my website!

    A long, long time ago I began knotting "micro-macrame'. It was 1978
    and flower-power was still fresh in the air.

    In those early years, I was using nylon fishing line which i dyed by hand in many radiant colors, and wooden beads and semi precious stones. And that’s how I began my journey on this wonderful planet - a journey fueled by the little bracelets I made, literally knotting my way about the world. I worked as I traveled, and sold my pieces in markets from peru to india. The new worlds of cultures and colors I encountered inspired my designs and offered new materials to incorporate into my work.

    Over the decades the style and elements in my macramé have changed, but the energy involved in creating this handmade jewelry has remained a joy for me and i hope for those who wear it!

    Now I use mostly sterling silver set semi-precious stonesand fossils found on my continued travels. The nylon thread is brilliant and durable. The pieces can be washed with soap and water and if the silver needs polishing a toothbrush with good toothpaste will shine that right up!

    This way of linking beautiful natural things with colorful threads is so satisfying for me since I am a painter as well and this is another road to express the way colors touch me. Each person has their own color scheme and stones which harmonize with their spirit. I have often seen that when a person picks the perfect necklace for their feeling and coloring the necklace changes from an inanimate piece of jewelry on a piece of material. It actually comes alive, and the wearer becomes radiant!

    My goal is to continue to enjoy this beautiful dimension and share creation but keeping it unique and full of heart!!

    Thanks so much,


Bridal Jewelry

I am designing bridal jewelry for your very special day.  If you are planning your wedding and would like to wear a unique pice of jewelry by Isha Elafi, contact me!